Sofiya Lyateva
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Sofi is the big smile on our New Hire Orientation day. She loves to communicate so much that decides to take her hobby to another level by graduating in Public Relations from the South West University in Blagoevgrad. Luckily, she works with social media and communications since freshman year in college – so she made her extracurricular activities her job, too. Her biggest dream is to “Aspire to inspire before she expires”! The only time when she doesn’t really like to talk is when she SCUBA dives. Cool one, Sof!

I started working in Sutherland to gain experience, but the truth is I love my job. It inspired me to stay in Bulgaria.

The Story
“Sutherland was the company that inspired me to stay in Bulgaria. I was still writing my bachelor thesis, when I was called for an interview – I was really happy that it was for a big American company – first because I wanted work as a corporate PR, and second – because my big dream is to study in the US. I thought this experience would be great for my CV. I had to go through four interviews – it was the first time that I had to accomplish something of that scale. When I got the job offer I was so happy and proud. I decided that maybe I was meant to stay at least another year in Bulgaria and gain experience in social media. This is my second year already – I like my job, and I give my best every day.”

The Inspiration
“My team is great – amazing people.”

“After two years in my team I think there is more to learn and there are more trainings to help me develop. I want to grow and I think Sutherland is the place to do it.” “I love that I have time for the gym before work – it gives me a lot of energy. I love to go to events – any leadership forums, socially significant campaigns, ideas and initiatives. In summer I love to dive.”

The Company
“I’d recommend Sutherland to a friend. On one hand because it is an international company and on the other because it gives so many opportunities to develop, especially if you’re a young person. You practice your language, the money is pretty good, and the people are great. So I think I found my place here.

The Future
“The trainings I give to newcomers are my favorite part of the week – I meet new people, see new faces. In my next position in Sutherland I want to work with people and inspire them, I love to inspire people.“