Sutherland Bulgaria donates a vein finder towards charity


As a responsible employer, Sutherland Bulgaria strives to make a valuable impact on the local communities in which the company operates and we support various charity causes across the country.

This November, Sutherland Bulgaria donated a special vein-finding device to the only hospital in Bulgaria specializing in the field of children’s cancer treatment. The device was received by Prof. Dr. Konstantinov, Head of the clinic, who expressed his gratitude on behalf of his team, the parents, and the children.

The donation was accomplished thanks to our dedicated Sutherland team members who united around this noble cause and volunteered for the initiative by organizing sales of homemade cookies, handmade jewelry, authentic photographs, and pieces of art. Special donation boxes were also prepared where everyone could contribute towards this good cause.

All this is one more proof for Sutherland’s dedication to impacting lives. In addition, this year Sutherland Bulgaria was honored with the special “Development of the local regions” award at the national annual competition for high achievements in corporate management in Bulgaria “Manager of the Year” for our continuous efforts in supporting charity causes and other social responsibility initiatives.