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Aleksandrina is a living example of the “if there is a will – there is a way” saying. Thanks to her ambition and strive for excellence she upskills herself in just few months to a tech master. She likes what she is doing at Sutherland and all the motivated people who make every day incredible. Aleksandrina loves partying, bright colours, Bulgaria and the dynamics in life. Keep on rolling, Alex!

It is amazing how so many people with different stories and backgrounds can work together as a team and achieve their goals together.

The Story
“Two years ago I started as a German Tier 1 agent and four months later I was promoted to a Tier 2 – a more technical and more responsible position. In the beginning my managers were impressed with my personal skills, but I didn’t have any technical knowledge. Nevertheless, they gave me a chance and I worked hard to learn and develop myself. I was amazed that they promoted me so quickly.”

The Inspiration
“Each day is unique, we face a lot of challenges on daily basis, but we are a team of devoted people who give 100% of what they can and together we achieve our goals. My colleagues are awesome.”

“The company is great, I have received support in each moment I needed it.”

“There is no limit how much you can to develop.

“I have lived several years it Switzerland. It is a good experience to live abroad and meet people with different cultures and points of view, to get education or work on your skills. And it is great if afterwards you come back to your country and implement everything you have learnt. I really love Bulgaria because of the people, the food, the diversity of scenery.”

“Sofia is my favourite place – there are so many places to go for a walk, you can have great parties, and there are many cultural events, so basically you can get everything that you need in the same place.”

The Future
“One of the things that impressed me most in the beginning of my career in Sutherland was our management. They not only monitored my work or gave me feedback on how I could improve my results, but also people who motivated me to be the person who I am right now. And this is something I would like to do – lead by example. I like to motivate people and help them show their best and to show them that work is not just something you do for your salary but it can be also fun and at the end of the day we can be proud of what you have achieved. I love my project and I want to grow and test myself as a manager.”