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Iliyan has what it takes to lead a successful team – knows how to keep his colleagues motivated, what drives exceptional performance and how to keep everything on target. As a very good chess player, he always thinks a couple of moves ahead and realizes every consequence from every decision taken. Some say he’s a workaholic, some say he’s too ambitious and competitive – and they’re probably right. What’s 100% certain is that Iliyan cares about his team, cares about the sustainable top results that they reach, and his enthusiasm and self-motivation light a fire in everyone around him.

I was always a step ahead, always ready for my next position.

The Story
“I started as a consultant in Sutherland when the whole company was not more than 130 people. On the sixth month I was promoted to team leader – managing the German team of around twenty people in one of our projects. In 2012 I left the country for a while but when I returned to Bulgaria, I came back in Sutherland. I was offered a position in a new project – the conditions and the project itself were very attractive. As a manager of the team I went through the whole launching process – training, know-how exchange, recruitment, establishment of best practices. The project was going really well and I was promoted to senior team manager. A year ago I became an account manager, which was my initial ambition. I have grown with the project – it is developing really well and today we are already 250 people.”

The Skills
I have acquired all operational and people management skills in Sutherland. The company gives you knowledge and the opportunity to make decisions and take responsibilities, to be independent.”

Sutherland is structured in a way that gives you the opportunity to get to know other departments as human resources, finance, business planning, which is rare for other companies. In Sutherland, if you want to lead a team well, you have to be competent in all these areas. The company teaches you to do the link and the balance between the units in order to achieve all the targets.”

The Growth
“The fact that I am very ambitious is one of the things that helped me to grow so much in the company.”

“In Sutherland they notice when you prove yourself and they start working with you – they train you, coach you and prepare you for new opportunities. I was always a step ahead, always ready for my next position. I have been constantly proving myself and because of that they have given me more responsibilities.”

“I grew up in Germany. When I came to Bulgaria, everything was quite difficult, I didn’t even know the alphabet. I finished school here and later I decided to continue with my higher education and career in Bulgaria. We are friendly and social people and I like it here more than anywhere else.

“I see a lot of opportunities for development.”

The future
“Our project is constantly developing. We have very positive forecasts for the upcoming years. This year, our main project will grow to about 400 people, and next year it is expected to become more than 500. Our client trusts us and because of that our business is growing.”