Stories of employees.

The Story
“I started as a consultant in Sutherland when the whole company was not more than 130 people. On the sixth month I was promoted to team leader - managing the German team of around twenty people in one of our projects. In 2012 I left the country for a while but when I returned to Bulgaria, I came back in Sutherland. I was offered a position in a new project - the conditions and the project itself were very attractive. As a manager of the team I went through the whole launching process - training, know-how exchange, recruitment, establishment of best practices. The project was going really well and I was promoted to senior team manager. A year ago I became an account manager, which was my initial ambition. I have grown with the project - it is developing really well and today we are already 250 people.”

The Skills
I have acquired all operational and people management skills in Sutherland. The company gives you knowledge and the opportunity to make decisions and take responsibilities, to be independent.”

Sutherland is structured in a way that gives you the opportunity to get to know other departments as human resources, finance, business planning, which is rare for other companies. In Sutherland, if you want to lead a team well, you have to be competent in all these areas. The company teaches you to do the link and the balance between the units in order to achieve all the targets.”

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The Company
“We keep close partnership with our customers and put special focus on adding value to their business. We deliver services for leading companies which gives us insight of their business models, processes, tools and development strategies. The variety of industries we operate in gives us exposure to cutting edge technologies and access to know-how from best in class companies. Combine all this and it gives you the formula of how we grow together.”

“There is open and honest communication and strong collaboration within the organization – a great achievement for such a large corporation.”

The Inspiration
“The atmosphere in the office is great. We are exposed to different cultures, a colorful mix of industries, clients and services we deliver, which makes each day a unique experience. The variety of business situations that I face and handle every day develop me and teach me on new skills and competences.”

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