Silvena Stavreva
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You want to make a difference in the world? The person next to you – start by making a difference to that person’s world.

The story:

After having studied abroad, I was convinced that I want to work in Bulgaria and an employer like Sutherland provided the right conditions for me to never regret my decision. My German skills were just a stepping stone in Sutherland for me to gather the industry-specific know-how and further develop auditor, data-analysis, mentoring, and leadership skills. Over time Sutherland trusted me to manage and lead teams through dynamic channels and environment, including work at home, which kept me ever-engaged and challenged in my career.


The company:

As a company with values, Sutherland puts great emphasis on its people – strong mentorship, personal development tools and continuous fostering of the entrepreneurial spirit in its employees is what kept me loyal and firmly believing in Sutherland for more than 8 years. It’s amazing how much the Bulgarian sites have grown and how far the company has evolved during these short years.



Putting my national bias aside, I feel that Bulgaria is a great destination to build a career. The country stands out with a multi-cultural environment, deep roots in European tradition, a pleasant climate, and, of course, highly skilled and talented people. All these, along with the rapidly growing economy, make Bulgaria a competitive alternative for ambitious individuals and companies to unleash their potential.


The inspiration:

My daily inspiration comes from knowing that my efforts matter. The ability to actively participate in the organization, contribute with optimization ideas that resonate with the global vision of the company give me a sense of fulfilment and keep me determined.