Rethinking Enterprise Technology

Sutherland delivers solutions and capabilities that deliver next-generation business outcomes for technology industry companies. We have over 30 years of experience working with strong technology brands across key target market segments to address the industry’s unique business and market challenges.

Our team of Enterprise Technical Engineers in Sofia provides support for cloud, back-up and storage solutions for Fortune 500 enterprise companies, improving their data availability without any disruptions or incidents, delivering world class customer experience. Our teams provide Frontline, Advanced and Customer Management Support for the products of a global back-up software manufacturer and a leader in enterprise data protection.

Sutherland Enterprise Technologies

Our teams work and develop in three main technologies for industry leaders.


As part of our Storage Engineers team you will be working on a project for a global leader in hybrid cloud data services.

Infrastructure security

As an Infrastructure security Engineer, you will be part of our team working for McAfee, a global computer security software company.

Power up your IT career!

Work on complex data management, processing and storage solutions.

Solve complex problems on enterprise level for Fortune 500 brands.

Expand your knowledge in various technologies. Join our team of Enterprise Technical Engineers.

Work with highly qualified IT experts, system and network administrators from Fortune 500 companies in implementing IT solutions.

Provide support for cloud, back-up and restore products of a leader in enterprise data protection and a global back-up software manufacturer.

Be the last line of defense for our clients in solving complex back-up and restore problems.

Expand your knowledge in various technologies – Security, Networking, Hybrid Storage, Cloud and Productivity Applications, Servers and Platforms, Protocols and Hardware and more.

Access upskilling opportunities through trainings, certification sponsorships and access to world leading learning platforms.

We have our own Sutherland IT lab.

The Sutherland IT lab gives our engineers hands-on experience with the latest technology solutions and indefinite opportunities for configurations.

· You have access to end-to-end enterprise back-up and restore ecosystems
· You get hands-on experience on latest technologies in both software and hardware
· You can reproduce the behavior of the enterprise solutions you devise
· You will have exposure to the latest IT technologies in the fields of Virtualization, Data management, Backup and Restore solutions, Security and Server Operating systems

We have our own Technical Academy.

Tech Step is a premium technical program provided by Sutherland for free to people who aspire to have a career as Technical Engineers in the world of IT.

· 5-week, full-time training program
· Covering technology foundations on Windows, Server, Linux, Networking and Switches, Security, Storage, Cloud and Virtualization
· The program is provided to the participants completely free of charge
· Upon successful completion graduates are offered an employment contract at one of our Enterprise Technical projects

Your Enterprise Career Opportunities

We have a wide variety of positions available at our Enterprise projects. Depending on your knowledge, you can work and develop as:

  • Enterprise Technical Support Engineer Tier 1
  • Enterprise Quality Analyst
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Enterprise Technical Trainer
  • Team Manager

Open positions

Enterprise Technical Support Engineer with Hebrew, German, French, Portuguese or Spanish