Meet the recruiters. Eleni and Mihael.

Meet the Recruiters Eli & Misho
Mihael and Eleni

Misho’s career path at Sutherland started almost 6 years ago. Since then he has held several different positions across teams, before joining our awesome Talent Acquisition team. Eli is passionate about communications and speaks various languages, which she uses to communicate with candidates from all over the world. They both love their job and can’t wait to share with you some useful information based on their rich recruitment experience. Read below to find out more about successful presentation at an interview, best practices on how to write your CV and much more!

What do you most often look for in a candidate? What can impress you?

M: I can be impressed by proficient language skills, rich vocabulary, wide array of interests and, of course, any unusual talents are more than welcomed!

E: In a candidate I often look for qualities such as technical skills, a positive spirit and a desire to work.

Meet the Recruiters_Misho
Mihael Milev

What would you advise a candidate before an important interview?

M: Believe in yourself, be strong, remain calm and shine with your own light.

E: To be well prepared with some practical information about the project and the company before going to the interview, to be calm and with a positive attitude and to be honest.

What for you as a professional makes one CV attractive enough?

M: I personally prefer receiving interesting and more artistically designed CVs, as well as logically and chronologically structured.

E: Every candidate has his/her own personality, which could be easily expressed in a CV, that is why there are only two little rules to be followed – to be well structured and to be up to date, the rest is really an opinion.

What makes Sutherland different from other employers?

Meet the Recruiters Eli
Eleni Aleksandrova

M: Unlike other companies in Sutherland there is a wide array of projects with various and interesting work opportunities. If you want to try work on another position, you can easily move to a different project.

Е: Sutherland has a unique quality as an employer – it gives you the opportunity to follow your dreams and be yourself.

Please tell a memorable positive story with a candidate. 

M: I had to hire a candidate from the Philippines, and we went together through a lot of obstacles concerning her origin and citizenship. We had numerous phone calls and filled a lot of documentation, but at the end we successfully hired and employed her. She was very thankful, and I was really pleased that we managed to get together through the process.

E: I cannot come up with just one story. Every time I succeed to hire a candidate it’s a very special moment for me, especially when the person comes and thanks me in person, it’s such a great feeling.

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