Meet the recruiters. Maya and Reni.


Maya and Reni are one of those people, who are always showing their professionalism with a big smile on their faces. Friendly and positive they manage to find the right way to communicate with candidates and to properly represent the authentic side of the company.
They share insights about their experience at Sutherland and some practical tips that would help a candidate when preparing for an interview.

What do you most often look for in a candidate? What can impress you?

R: Enthusiasm and Passion about what they do. People who are willing to work often stay longer than people who work just because they have to.

M: Every candidate is different, but what I look for during an interview is to see positive attitude, eagerness to learn and flexibility to face challenges.

Maya Ilieva

What would you advise a candidate before an important interview?

R: To go through the job description once again and prepare some examples of their previous job/s for all listed responsibilities. In that case even if the candidate doesn’t have the exact experience, the interviewer can be impressed by their transferable skills.

M: It is important for the candidate to research and find out more information about the company, the industry and the position itself. When the person is prepared and even asks additional questions, this means that they are really interested in the specific position and that of course is really impressive for me.


What for you as a professional makes one CV attractive enough?

R: I believe tailoring your CV to the job post is the best thing you could do, in order to show your potential employer your motivation about the position. It’s an unwritten rule that motivated candidates have higher chances of being offered the position.

M: One CV should not be more than two pages long. It should consist of the main information about the candidates – their experience, with listed main responsibilities and of course their education. It is a good idea to try some different formats than the most used ones and to have a personal touch – to add hobbies or achievements – whether they are related with work or are personal.

Reni Stefanova

What makes Sutherland different from other employers?

R: Sutherland is a company, which strives to improve its processes constantly and to invest in the personal development of its employees.

M: What makes Sutherland different from the other employers is that it gives a lot of opportunities for growth and development in different directions, as we have many projects where everyone can find their own thing. At the same time it is always fun when the company organizes different activities inside and outside work and not to forget – the colleagues are awesome! 🙂 According to me what makes one company better than the others is its workforce!

Please tell a memorable positive story with a candidate. 

R: I have so many examples of positive stories with candidates at Sutherland that I cannot say which is the most memorable one. But the most important thing for me is to see the gratitude of the person in their eyes, so I know that I have done something significant for them.

M: The most memorable story I have was with a candidate that I hired and after the process he was so thankful that he left me a thankful letter at my desk with a gift, expressing his gratitude as I relocated him from abroad. This made my day and showed me that our job could be life changing!

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