Meet the recruiters. Uzay and Nora.


Uzzy and Nora are a great example of excellent professionals who love their job. Both have a solid recruitment background and now are part of the Leadership and Support Recruitment team at Sutherland. Everyday they hire people on executive positions at the company with management skills and rich work experience. Being responsible for recruiting some of the most successful people at Sutherland, we asked them to share some tips, stories and useful information for candidates when applying for a job.

What would you advise a candidate before an important interview?

U: Motivation and honesty. I believe that people who are truly motivated to develop themselves are going the extra mile.

N: The things that could impress me are enthusiasm and passion about what they do. Those individuals inspire and influence positively their teammates, which eventually leads to a collective superpower.

What would you advise a candidate before an important interview?

Nora Georgieva

U: To read the job description once again and to think of some good examples of their previous experience (previous job or university/school project) that would be representing their skills to deal with complicated situations and would be relevant for this position.

N: Researching the company, they are applying for, is the first and most important step before an interview. The second for me is taking time to thoughtfully consider his/her goals and qualifications and if they are relative to the position and the employer.

What for you as a professional makes one CV attractive enough?

U: Simplicity. It is my belief that there is no need to include various colors, figures or charts in your CV just to impress a recruiter or a Hiring manager, what is more valuable is accurately and simply presenting the experience, accomplishments and skills you’ve gained during your career path.

N: A CV that stands out from the pack – choosing the best CV format that will represent candidates’ strengths in the best way possible.

Uzay Kral

What makes Sutherland different from other employers?

U: Giving a real chance to people, who are dedicated to their work, to grow and reach new career levels.

N: The human touch that all of us are bringing to our work.

Please tell a memorable positive story with a candidate. 

U:  It’s always nice to see people you’ve hired being promoted, so pretty much those are most of my stories to remember. 😊

N: I can’t share only one story because every single hired person has its remarkable experience. Anyway, I feel extremely pleased when I hear “Thank you for finding me the best job ever”. 😊

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