Sutherland Success Story: Meet Ivan


Ivan is part of our exciting project, supporting a leading Search Engine and Cloud provider. He is an artist in his soul and techie in his mind. Want to know more about him? Read his story below.

“I love doing theater, because I feel that not only, I develop as an artist, but I also improve myself as an individual, overcoming my anxiety to speak in front of people.” Ivan always finds a way to combine everything he does with art. Taking part in a theater ensemble enables him to express all the creativity he possesses. Being a rare mix of an artist and a tech savvy is what makes Ivan so special. After many new beginnings he found the place he feels confident being himself. “I am an artist by heart, but technology is my passion and Sutherland has enabled me to work my hobby. The connection between technology and communication with different people every day is what makes me love my job!”