Sutherland Success Story: Meet Pavlina


Today we are meeting Pavlina, who is a one of the awesome trainers for our exciting GoDaddy project. She shares a story about growth, development and career changes. Keep on reading to find our what she has to say.

“My miracle story started around Christmas! On December 21 I received a call from Sutherland and soon I was offered to join the GoDaddy team. At that time, I was selling candles and now I am a training manager. I just can’t believe how much I love my job! I never imagined working in an office, in front of a computer but it turned out to be very exciting. Here I have the chance to show my creativity and to evolve every day.
My biggest adventure at Sutherland was going 7000 km away from home – to the Philippines. Everything there is different, but everyone is extremely friendly and always ready to help. I met some great people and they thought me a lot of things that now help me in my job in Bulgaria. When I went there I had only 3 months of experience as a trainer and that trip was the key to my development and career growth. I can say that I am a better professional because of my work at Sutherland in the Philippines. My team is my family and it’s a huge milestone for me to be responsible for such a big, happy and successful family!”