Sutherland develops a chatbot solution to optimize its new hire training process


Innovation is at the heart of Sutherland’s strategy to provide excellence in all its clients’ services. Due to this Sutherland Bulgaria introduced an entirely new solution that allows the company to leverage the technology and provide direction and reinforcement of the training process for its new hires.

The chatbot is developed globally, by an internal team of engineers and after reaffirming all the benefits of the solution Sutherland implemented it in Bulgaria.

Among the advantages of the new chatbot solution are that it provides the trainees with intensive chat skills, develops multitasking, saves time and there are no limitations as to how many trainees can join simultaneously. Each trainee can choose a certain chat flow and goes through the most common clients enquires depending on the chosen subject. The solution aims to provide direction and reinforcement of learning through coaching and feedback and real-time bridging of gaps. It also pinpoints hot alerts and captures the chat duration of the trainees. Fundamentally the chat bot’s goal is to increase efficiency by improving speed to competency.

Although it is an automated solution, the implementation of the chatbot has not resulted in a lack of human communication. At every stage of their training, the new trainees are provided with personalized feedback by the local team of experienced trainers.

Moreover, detailed reporting on the performance of the trainees is provided at all times. When comparing the results, Sutherland is proud to announce that the teams achieve impressive improvement in their efficiency.