Sutherland Enterprise Success Stories. Meet Ivaylo.


Meet Ivaylo, he is a Frontline Technical Support Engineer at one of Sutherland’s prestigious Enterprise projects. Every day he works closely with Fortune 500 companies and some of his responsibilities include complex data management, processing and storage solutions. Today he shares what he likes most about his job, what kind of technologies he uses at Sutherland on a daily basis and much more.

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Ivaylo Tsvetkov
  1. Tell us what your position is and a few interesting facts about you.

I am a Frontline Technical Support Engineer at one of the Enterprise Projects at Sutherland. We are supporting an information management company, providing solutions for backup and recovery, business continuity, software-defined storage and information governance. I speak Spanish and English language.

  1. Tell us about the project you work at.

In my opinion, it is the most technical project we have at Sutherland as it requires background in OS, network and support experience.

It is a project that requires professional approach as all our customers are very big companies and corporations with their whole business data being managed by our software.

  1. What are the responsibilities of an Enterprise Technical Support Engineer?

We are the first point of contact for the customers. Our responsibility is to be kind and helpful. To make them feel like we are doing our best for their issue and to provide them quick and accurate solutions. We are responsible for maintaining internal communication between the different levels of support and providing a solution to the customer. For more urgent and critical cases, we are engaging into remote sessions with the goal of a quick solution and to make the customers feel they are being taken care of. We are managing the cases in our platform so that it is easy for the customer and for the internal teams to understand the issue at hand. Our team is making sure that if the case solution is delayed, the customers are being contacted frequently and they feel that there is attention on their issue at all times.

      4. Tell us about the atmosphere in the office.

The office is spacious and clean. The desks are big with 2 monitors. We have a nice kitchen and lockers where we can put our belongings. Sutherland has provided all the necessities for us to work without disturbance. Because of that, the atmosphere between the colleagues is always friendly and warm, and the cooperation and communication are easy-going.

  1. What trainings did you have in the company?

Thanks to the cooperation between Sutherland and the company that our project supports a very professional training was organized. A strict training plan with training materials was provided and was executed in an exceptionally successful manner by the client’s Backline trainers. A full 8-hour training every day for 3 months, followed by nesting and then another 4 weeks of advanced trainings. Currently, we are in another nesting period, after which we are going to enter full productivity.

  1. What’s the best thing about your job?

The moment you discover the solution of a tricky technical issue and the confidence with which you share it with the customer. This confidence tells you that the solution is going to work for the customer even before he gives you the confirmation.

  1. Tell us about the clients you are communicating with.

Our clients are the technical side of the corporations – they are usually the system administrators that are managing our software.

  1. What skills are needed to be a good professional in your position?

To have a know-how of making customers feel special and taken care of. After that, it’s all a question of how fast you can learn, how much you can remember and how ambitious you are to see your results hit top marks in the future.

  1. What technologies do you use daily?

The software we support in the first place, of course, which is installed on Linux and Windows servers. Usually we must reproduce the customer’s environments, so we have virtualization servers on which we deploy our configuration set-ups and perform our tests on them.

  1. What is the most important quality for a specialist who wants to work in your position?

I would say they are at least two: fast-learning and soft skills.

  1. Why did you choose Sutherland?

Sutherland provides a great environment to work in. I know that because I have previously worked at another project in the company. Sutherland is fast-growing, innovative and very initiative. The company offers you the opportunity to grow and has always lived up to its promises as an employer. For me this is an excellent environment to build a career in.

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