Sutherland Success Story: Meet Stefan


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In the spotlight is Stefan, who is ready to open his heart and share his story about art, creativity and professionalism. Continue reading to see what he has to say.

“I was in a bad place looking for a job for about a year. I had rent and bills to pay and didn’t have any stable income, but I wasn’t keen on the idea to just start anything, so my best friend went behind my back and send my CV to the recruitment team. You can imagine my total and utter surprise when I got the call and here I am for the last 3 years, part of such an amazing team.

I have always been artistic and loved performing in front of an audience. I am part of an improv theater group for 5 years now and two or three times a month I go on stage to make people laugh. I love creating musicals for club stages entirely based on songs from animated movies. The fiction world fascinates me, and I am a huge Harry Potter and Marvel fan. This made me fall in love with writing as well. As a creative person, I was a little bit disorganized. However, Sutherland helped me learn how to put in order myself, the people I work with and my resources in a productive way to achieve better results in everything I do.”