Sutherland Tech Academy Success Stories. Meet Vladimir.


Meet Vladimir Boyadzhiev, who is one of our successful Tech Academy graduates. His Sutherland journey began one year ago when he joined our team as a Sales Consultant for GoDaddy. However, he was eager to learn more about technologies and he decided to apply for Sutherland Enterprise Tech Academy. There he developed new skills and gained knowledge about Networking, SQL, Windows Server and many more. Today he is part of one of our prestigious enterprise projects as a Technical Support Engineer. Read his full story in the interview below.

  1. Tell us what your position is and a few interesting facts about you.

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    Vladimir Boyadzhiev

My name is Vladimir and I joined the Sutherland family exactly one year ago. I have about 10 years of experience in the outsourcing sector. However, the last year is the one that I really enjoyed during my whole career. I started my journey in the German team of the GoDaddy project at Sutherland. I had really great time there.  My team was awesome, and I learned a lot about the Internet technologies, how the Internet is working, how today’s business works. I would say that there I learned the fundamentals of the IT sector. Even more, I had the opportunity to join an English language course here at Sutherland.

  1. Why did you decide to apply for the Sutherland Tech Academy?

I was very happy at the GoDaddy project and honestly thought it can`t be better. In GoDaddy I was Sales and Support Consultant. Today if you want to start a new business you need to have a really strong Web presence and GoDaddy is the partner who can support you with that. My daily tasks were to understand what the customer needs are and to consult them on how to achieve it. For this purpose, I was trained in topics like CMS, SEO, Hosting, IP troubleshooting, areas related to the Web Developer profession.

And then, one day I saw the email about Sutherland Tech Academy. I wanted to be part of it so much that it was my Christmas wish for the new year. For me this academy was the entrance to the IT world. I covered topics such as Networking, Active Directory, Windows Server, Storage, Exchange server, SQL and much, much more. Each of these areas is a profession in the IT world.

  1. Describe a typical day at the academy.

Often, we started the day with recap or some videos from our learning portal. We had practical labs and did some cool exercises with Virtualization, Active Directory and Domains. Sometimes we were divided into groups and made a short presentation to the other participants.

And of course, every Friday we had an exam. I have learned a lot and honestly, before the academy I thought I knew much about IT, but it was just a scratch on the surface. I am sure I will spend the next year in enhancing my knowledge about all we covered in the Sutherland Tech Academy.

  1. What was the atmosphere?

The atmosphere was very professional as we were in a real Lab with new computers equipped with the newest software. The Lab has an amazing new Server on which the new engineers from all enterprise projects have their trainings.

My new colleagues are awesome, I like them very much. Our trainer was very self-confident, positive and very experienced. He had an individual approach to each of us and time for all our questions

  1. Tell us about the topics you covered during those 5 weeks. What technologies did you study?

The Tech Academy has exceeded all my expectation. I am proud to say that we learned entire modules about Windows Server, Active Directory, SQL Server, Enterprise Linux administration, IIS Server, Storage and much more.

One of my favorite topics was Networking. We learned about the OSI model and the network hardware. We covered a lot of Protocols like DHCP, UDP, SSH, ARP, SMTP, etc. One very interesting module was “Fundamentals of Cloud computing”, which is something that everybody uses but not actually understands. Most people know that in the Cloud everything is very optimized, it is called on demand availability. But did you know that you can have a private Cloud on which the file system is different? Using private cloud is next level of security! 🙂

  1. What is the most important thing that you learned in the academy?

The most important thing that I learned in the Tech Academy was about Virtualization. Everything that I learned about Virtualization is fascinating. This is basically the future in computing and I am thankful to Sutherland, to Tech Academy, to my Trainer for giving me this knowledge. There is lot to be learned about Virtualization. For anyone interested I would say start from what is the deference between Hypervisor type 1 and 2 and then proceed with VLAN. After that you will be addicted. My next target is to get certified in Virtualization.

  1. How do you feel now as part of the Enterprise team of Sutherland?

Thanks to the Tech Academy I have just started as an Enterprise Technical Support Engineer in one of the Enterprise projects at Sutherland for a leader in enterprise data protection. I am so proud and happy. I feel that I am at the right place.

  1. Why would you recommend the Sutherland Tech Academy to your friends and colleagues?

I would recommend it to everyone, in or outside Sutherland, who wants to gain knowledge and work in the IT sector.

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