What is Tech Step?

Tech Step is a premium training program provided by Sutherland for free to people who aspire to have a career as Technical Engineers in the world of IT and Technical Engineering and speak foreign languages.

This is not a software development academy, but a program that will train participants on technology foundations on Windows, Server, Linux, Networking and Switches, Security, Storage, Cloud and Virtualization for 5 weeks period. Tech Step is a program conceptualized, designed and implemented by Sutherland’s most technologically advanced training team.

Tech Step ends with a graduation day and a final assessment that will include all subject matter acquired during the training. Successful graduates who have displayed the aptitude to learn and pass our assessment will be aligned to one of our top Enterprise accounts for a fulfilling career.

As we want to offer a great start to a new career, we are committed to not only deliver professional development, but also provide the right environment for our candidates. Therefore, during the training period participants will be financially rewarded. Yes, participants will get payment to learn.

What are the requirements for participation?

The ideal candidate has an interest in technology but may not come from a traditional technical background. We are looking for smart people who want to work in technical engineering but may need some help breaking into the industry.

Prerequisites for the program include:

  • A high school diploma or higher education degree
  • Written and verbal English fluency
  • Written and verbal fluency in one of the following languages: French, German, Spanish, Dutch or Portuguese.
  • Interest in a career in Technical Engineering
  • Ability to attend the program full-time in the specified location

What trainings are included in the program?

Tech Step comprehensively covers the following areas:

  • Windows – Single user, different versions on Windows, configuration of Windows, User management of Windows and Security
  • Introduction to networking and its fundamentals
  • Server fundamentals and all administrative aspects of windows server
  • Linux, its functions and Command Line function
  • Storage and storage configuration
  • Networking and protocols
  • Introduction to cloud technologies, basics of cloud, cloud fundamentals, types of cloud technologies and configuration
  • Virtualization with focus on storage and server Virtualization
  • Soft skills, customer handling skills, effective customer communication both written and verbal

What is the methodology of training?

With an integrated approach to learning, the structure of Tech Step will be a full working day divided into two parts – theory and labs, where participants get to extensively practice the theory they learned.

Is Tech Step free?


Yes, the program is provided to the participants completely free of charge.

Will participants get paid?


Yes, participants will be financially rewarded while training. During the training and contract employment phases of the program, participants will be employed by Sutherland.

What is the duration and where does it take place?

Tech Step will run for a total of 5 weeks. Participants are expected to attend all classroom-based training 40 hours a week at our Sutherland premises in Sofia.

What is the schedule of classes?

Classes will take place Monday to Friday, standard business hours.

What is the start day of Tech Step?

The next edition of the academy will start on April 13.

Career opportunities upon successful completion

Upon successful completion of Tech Step and passing the final assessment, graduates will be offered an employment contract at Sutherland at one of our Enterprise Technical projects.

Positions offered through Tech Step are entry level positions for Technical Engineers. While the goal of the program is to place every participant in a contract role with Sutherland, there is no guarantee that all participants will be working for Sutherland at the end of their training period.

Why to Apply?


Get industry level know-how of Enterprise Technical Engineering through a free training


Labor contract with competitive salary and benefits after the successful completion and hiring


Financial benefits in the form of a starting salary during the first month of training


Open way to a career in Technical Engineering

Apply today, the seats are limited!