Stories of employees.

The Story

After having studied abroad, I was convinced that I want to work in Bulgaria and an employer like Sutherland provided the right conditions for me to never regret my decision. My German skills were just a stepping stone in Sutherland for me to gather the industry specific know-how and further develop auditor, data-analysis, mentoring and leadership skills. Over time Sutherland trusted me to manage and lead teams through dynamic channels and environment, including work at home, which kept me ever-engaged and challenged in my career.

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The story 

My Sutherland story started in a very trivial way. I wanted to practice my language skills and to work in a multicultural environment, so I did my research and found out that Sutherland is a company that provides both. I applied and got the job.

To be honest, I’ve had some prejudice about what working for a BPO was like. However, to my utmost surprise, the reality was completely different from what I expected. So here I am today, already 3 years in the company, and still counting.

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The Company
“We keep close partnership with our customers and put special focus on adding value to their business. We deliver services for leading companies which gives us insight of their business models, processes, tools and development strategies. The variety of industries we operate in gives us exposure to cutting edge technologies and access to know-how from best in class companies. Combine all this and it gives you the formula of how we grow together.”

“There is open and honest communication and strong collaboration within the organization – a great achievement for such a large corporation.”

The Inspiration
“The atmosphere in the office is great. We are exposed to different cultures, a colorful mix of industries, clients and services we deliver, which makes each day a unique experience. The variety of business situations that I face and handle every day develop me and teach me on new skills and competences.”

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