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Ivanina Customer Success Management Internship Sutherland

 As a socially engaged company, focused on supporting the professional development of young people in Bulgaria earlier this year we launched the Customer Success Management internship program as a joint effort with the University of National and World Economy. The internship is part of the initiatives aiming to provide training opportunities and professional experience to students from the university.

As Customer Success Management interns at Sutherland, the students gain practical experience in one of the fastest-growing job roles, take advantage of a world-class curriculum, have the opportunity to work in a global company and be exposed to transactions and interesting high-value work showcased by experienced customer success managers and leaders.

Today we meet you with Ivanina, one of the four students, taking part in the first edition of the Customer Success Management internship program. Ivanina is a 3rd-year student from Stara Zagora majoring in International Economic Relations. Check out what she shares about her experience as an intern at Sutherland. 

  1. How did you find out about the CSM Internship? 

Ivanina: I have always desired to hone my business skills and the CSM internship was the exact opportunity I had been looking for for a long time. I found out about it from one of my professors at the university. As a consequence of which I decided to trigger action and participate in the program.

  1. What caught your attention and why did you decide to apply?  

Ivanina: I decided to apply for the internship program because this was a significant opportunity for me to accumulate major knowledge in terms of the core concepts of becoming a CSM and to learn how to equip myself with essential theoretical and practical skills in a business context.

  1. What were your expectations for the internship? 

Ivanina: The expectations I had were geared toward awareness-raising, comprehension of how to tailor to a wide spectrum of business situations, and enhancement of my overall knowledge. Not only did the program fully meet my expectations, but it also exceeded them in an exceptional way.

  1. Share 3 things you’ve found most valuable in the CSM Internship program.

Ivanina: The program was a very useful learning aid for the differentiation of customer profiles and types. It also helped me to comprehend what the quintessential risks in business are and how to effectively mitigate them, how to make commitments, and how to own an issue in order to resolve a particular escalation.  

  1. How would you apply what you’ve learned from the internship program in real life?

Ivanina: The internship program had a tremendous impact on me in terms of developing a customer-centric mindset, reinforcing engagement, and staying focused on core objectives without deviating or being dispelled by minor circumstances. I stand for the idea those essential skills are applicable in every aspect of life – from being at the university to going to work.  

  1. What is one thing you liked the most in the internship? 

Ivanina: What I liked the most about the program is the fact it was a great combination of expanding my theoretical skills in terms of becoming a CSM and showing me how to implement that foundation knowledge in real-life situations in order to hit my milestones. It also helped me learn how to effectively track my progress during the steep learning curve.

  1. Would you recommend this internship to other students? 

Ivanina: I absolutely recommend taking part in the internship program because it is such a great prerequisite for students’ personal and professional progress. The internship gives students a great chance to immerse themselves in the business environment and help them learn how to step up their game and how to accomplish their objectives in the long run.

  1. How do you imagine your career after graduation? What would you look for in an employer? 

Ivanina: After taking my Bachelor’s degree, I plan to enroll for a Master’s degree and after completing my overall education, I can declare that I see my career development in an international company like Sutherland that will give me a permanent opportunity to rise in the hierarchy and what I would look for in a potential employer is honesty, understanding, trust, and a multitude of options for professional advancement.

Stay tuned for the next features of the students taking part in the Customer Relationship Management program.

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