Their Dream Came True


9546c22e0ce84e04d360f874c4aa8a21More and more young people prefer to settle in Burgas, rather than go abroad. One of the reasons for this positive tendency is the outsourcing company Sutherland Global Services. For the last two years the organization has been offering the dream job for everyone who seeks professional development and stable work – starting salary above 1000 BGN, fixed working hours, holidays, vacations and team buildings. In other words – the company gives you the chance to gain experience while living independently.

Everyone who speaks German fluently is welcome to apply for a position – at the moment the company is recruiting around 100 people.

With these open positions and the opportunities it gives, Sutherland contributes to the conditions that helped Burgas win the award for “Outsourcing city with the highest potential for development”, which was received by the mayor Dimitar Nikolov. Currently the sector employs over 35,000 professionals in the country, 1200 of whom are in Sutherland.

The outsourcing company solves another important question – not whether people will find a job in Burgas, but how much money will they receive. The level of unemployment is much below the average – in winter its is 4%, and in summer, because of the tourist season it falls to 2%. The citizens are free to choose according to the salary and the conditions.

Vicky joined the company last year, immediately after graduating from the German High school. “It was supposed to be a few months job because I wanted to improve my German and then go abroad but later I decided not to make any changes. I enrolled to study part-time in Sofia and now I successfully combine work with education.”

While still in high school she was dealing with the maintenance of German online shops and websites for tickets reservations. “Although from distance, I was communicating only with Germans and saw that the work-flow there had nothing to do with the one in Bulgaria. I told myself that after I graduate I must work something like this and decided to go abroad. Then I got the job here and although the team is Bulgarian, all procedures and systems are German standard. I am happy that I found Sutherland”.

Only 20 years old she already lives on her own and enjoys life in Burgas thanks to the work in Sutherland.
“For our standard the pay is more than enough to live peacefully and safely, without routine problems.”
Victoria is certain that young people who have the desire and ambition are encouraged to develop. Although she has recently joined the company she got a promotion, and she feels appreciated. “No matter if you are new, if you work well and develop, you will be noticed”. Part of Vicky’s former classmates are now her colleagues and a lot of the freshly graduated students apply for interviews.

The work day of the employees is always dynamic.The clients of the company are some of the most famous companies in the world. To eliminate stress employees always find time for breaks and enjoy billiards, foosball or relaxation on the massaging chair in the recreation area. Some of the employees work on e-mail, while others take calls. It depends on their experience. Zlatina Gincheva who has been in Sutherland for eight months, is already taking phone calls. The 23-year-old is a graduate in Linguistics and has previous experience with employers in Bulgaria. “This is my first job in my realm. The social package is one of the things that motivates me to work here. The salary is well above average and quite different from what I used to receive. The company knows how to stimulate us”. She moved from Tsarevo to Burgas because of this job and is planning to stay here.