Enterprise Internship Program spotlight: the success story of Bojidar Totev


Bojidar Totev SutherlandMeet Bojidar Totev one of our successful graduates of the Enterprise Internship Program at Sutherland. The Enterprise Internship Program at Sutherland provides mentored trainings to smart and ambitious employees who are willing to follow a career in Enterprise Technical Support projects.

Throughout my work at one of the technical projects at Sutherland it took me a while to decide and continue my technical development. I wasn’t sure where to look and started by talking to my manager and discussing technical possibilities within Sutherland. He helped and encouraged me with advices and got in touch with one of the team managers at one of the Enterprise projects. After my manager has establish direct contact with the Enterprise team I met Kostadin Stefanov, Team Manager at the Enterprise Technical project, he explained me in details about my technical development in general. I was very interested to start working closing with Kostadin and spend around 5-6 months on my technical development.

So, we’ve started with the internship. I received a lot of technical literature to read and I started learning. First, I had to learn about the network – how it works, the protocols, network hardware devices, about the storages devices, how they are connected to one another and so on. I had one month to understand the fundamental of networking. After one month, I met Kostadin, Lyubomir, Trainer, and Bojan, Techlead at the Enterprise Technical project. We made a short summary of what I have been learning.

After the meeting, I received a new challenge. I had to configure Windows Server 2008 R2. Of course, I was provided the needed information and a manual how to do it. I had another month to perform the tasks and we met again. We discussed what I have done and I got the third challenge to learn about the AD and how to manage the windows server. Meanwhile I created a virtual environment on my personal PC at home and I’ve learned a lot. Of course, I had a lot of questions that we discussed on weekly and monthly basis.

After the four months’ internship, I received an invitation to become part of the Enterprise Project team. Now I am glad to work as an IT engineer for one of the most successful backup solutions and to improve myself each day with the help of the amazing colleagues in the team.