I am always amazed at how much our team loves music and the product we are supporting


Our Account Stories continue with Lili and her music loving team. As she puts it “We are all huge music fans!” Lili is the Senior Account Manager of our program supporting the EMEA customers for one of the leading music streaming services worldwide. Her team provides a wide range of support, from regular customer support, to content moderation and some very tech queries.

I am always amazed at how much our team loves music and the product we are supporting. It is a very positive environment, very joyful and fun. The people we work with are passionate, vocal, and proactive in sharing feedback with us and with our clients. Some of the coolest things about my team are that we are very creative, diverse, and curious.

Lili epitomizes the role of an Account Manager

Lili has been with Sutherland for almost 7 years. Her previous work experience and educational background is in the field of Work and Organizational Psychology including working as a criminal psychologist. While working at Sutherland she managed to gain a business education degree as well. “This wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing mentors, colleagues, and professionals I have met in Sutherland. The people I work with are my main motivation to come to work with a smile daily.”

My role is very dynamic and interesting. One part of my tasks is purely operational – to ensure our business is healthy, runs smoothly and we perform at the highest possible standards. On another hand I am the liaison between my team, Sutherland, and our client, so I deal with change management, stakeholders management and people engagement. The most favorite part of my job is the people management aspect – I love working directly with my team, coaching, brainstorming, and problem solving with them.” 

Let’s talk about industry trends

I think that one of the most challenging aspects of our client’s industry are the constantly changing products and services which are launched constantly. This leads to increased complexity of the needed support, constant learning, and common sense. In addition, I feel that today’s user has a wide range of choices, so mediocrity, poor customer experience or any security-related concerns can lead to losing them. The BPO industry has the knowledge, experience, and drive to provide the best customer experience, as well as propose innovative solutions for reducing customer friction.

 Transitioning to a work-at-home model with 0 disruption

I felt really proud when we managed to move all our employees to a Work-at-Home model at the beginning at the Covid-19 pandemic. The move was fast and efficient, even though a bit tiring due to the team size and the urgency we felt. We were all safe and sound at home and our team’s performance never wavered. We continued outperforming all KPIs, our culture remained strong and our team spirit high. We never discontinued operations and our client’s customers continued to receive world-class level of support.

Do you believe you can have an impact on one of the leading music streaming platforms out there? In Lili’s team you can!

One of the strongest qualities of our team is their dedication to providing the best possible solution for our customer’s issues and flag any customer friction we observe. We are supporting multiple markets and even though the product and service is similar, there are market-specifics related to customer perception, communication, payment methods, etc. Over the years our team was able to provide feedback on various process flows, customer-facing content, and payment methods. One such example was a review of a product subscription flow, which by being slightly changed led to a significant decrease in contacts related to payment queries and a significant increase of customer satisfaction for a specific market we are supporting.

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