Kalina Kalinovksa shares her experience in our Tech Academy


Kalina Kalinovska Sutherland Tech Academy Graduate

This Spring we bring to you both our Academies – Tech Step and German Language Academy. Today we give the spotlight to Kalina, a Tech Step graduate, to share her experience. So, if you speak Spanish, German, French or Portuguese and want to step up in your career make IT happen with Tech Step Academy. Upon graduation you’ll be offered to join one of our Enterprise projects.

Sutherland: What caught your interest in the Academy?

Kalina: It was a great point to touch almost all of the basic knowledge for a good engineer related to servers, software and more. The academy is an excellent jump from non-tech to technical understanding of the ‘black box’ called computer and the magic of the Internet. I had an excellent knowledge as a system administrator, but this was a good refreshment of my knowledge.

S: Why did you decide to apply?

K: My application was proposed by one of the managers in our Enterprise programs with hope that I will be one of the more technical additions to the team.

S: What is the thing that you liked most about the academy?

K: The plenty of technologies to be practiced!

S: What was the atmosphere in class?

K: It was excellent, full of young and motivated people.

S: How do you feel now as part of the Enterprise team at Sutherland?

K: It is the perfect match between technical troubleshooting and being in contact with people.

S: Tell us about the project you are part of.

K: It is the best project to participate in. it is technical, it is interesting. If you are out of ideas in troubleshooting, there are plenty of ways you can get help.

S: How would you describe your job to someone who has no idea what you are working?

K: We are helping technical experts with troubleshooting their environment.

S: What’s your team like?

K: This is the best team ever. Full of young and willing to work people. Our seniors are excellent and always willing to help. There are no conflicts, and I know there it will never be. But the “Crème de la Crème” is our manager – Desislava Boeva. She is the best manager that I will ever have.

S: Give three reasons why people should apply for the Tech Academy.

K: To get your knowledge more over the tech side, to participate in environment full of young and motivated people, and last, to become member of the Enterprise projects!

Tech Step Academy starts on 26th of April. Submit your application for our Tech Academy here!