My team’s job is to resolve all kinds of issues with a magical stick


Mariya Mizova Sutherland

My name is Maria Mizova, I just turned 2 years into the magic with Sutherland. 😊 My job is to make sure the client and our Sutherland team are on the same page. Always. The best thing is to see how these two teams work as one and how the clients we have are happy from something we did together. To make somebody’s day better is a great feeling!

Sutherland: Hey Mariya, give us a quick overview of the program you are managing?

Mariya: This may be the most positive company in the world. Everybody know their name, everybody is associating this name to something nice, festive, a memory from the childhood, magical experience, fairytales. This is the place where imagination and reality are just sitting together and have fun.

S: Tell us about your team.

M: My team’s job is to resolve all kinds of issues with a magical stick. 😊 They are everything in one and need to know the job specifics of tens of people – store managers, delivery guys, psychologists, gift specialist, technical support, all in one.

In our business the most important thing is the customer, or as we call it – the guest.

Everybody who have been in touch with us need to feel special, welcomed, taken care of. We are not only measuring customer satisfaction, we are measuring guest experience. We need to be flexible and pro-active. If you notice something is wrong and if you don’t raise your hand to point this out and or fix it, we cannot move forward. I am happy that every day our team is choosing to be part of the solution.

S: Please share any trends that you see in our client’s industry and how you think our industry can answer those?

M: Our team is working in e-commerce. E-commerce is one of the fastest growing industries the last years and Covid-19 only boosted that dynamic. Working on processes that are supporting this industry is like working on building the future. Not to mention how fortunate I feel that this program was not hit negatively by the pandemic but offered so many opportunities!

S: Share with us the moment you felt most proud of.

M: This year we welcomed more than 250 new people in our team. This is enormous work done by all experienced team members who were onboarding, training, supporting so many new hires. Delivering the best possible guest experience for our client’s customers, meeting their expectations and business needs, this is a big thing. I am proud the team managed to deliver this.

S: Tell us about your team culture.

So many stories, you can imagine what it is to work with 300 unique people!

I love to know that because of our team – originally based in Burgas, but now also all over Bulgaria since COVID-19 – there are people who find purpose to stay in their hometown, work for one of the best employers in Bulgaria and be part of even bigger family, grow in their career, be with their family and friends.

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