Sutherland joins “Career in Bulgaria – Why not?”


KBG-2016-300x250-static-v2Sutherland Global Services is happy to announce its participation in “Career in Bulgaria. Why Not?” – a career forum for people, with international experience.

The event will take place on 9 September 2016 from 10 am to 6 pm, in Inter Expo Center Sofia.

The largest career forum is held under the motto “Come and grow with us” and will be primarily aimed at young professionals and the development opportunities that they have in the country after they gain experience abroad. The registration is free and is now open on the site of the initiative.

If you attend the forum you will not only have the chance to personally meet top employers in the country, but also to be a part of a platform for sharing experience, contacts and ideas between the candidates. There will be a seminar program with lectures, workshops and discussions, where prominent speakers and professionals will share their experience on the business in Bulgaria, professional development and career, etc. The visitors can also benefit from career and CV consultations, and meet new and old friends in the special networking areas.

Every year people who have already returned to Bulgaria and those currently exploring opportunities in the local market, join the event. 60% of candidates who took part last year are now back in Bulgaria, 21% are abroad and are considering whether to return, and 18% believe that they will return.

Many positive stories begin with the words “a Career in Bulgaria …”. The organizers say that the big goal of the forum is to meet Bulgarians from all over the world who have a common goal – to be home and to apply the lessons they have learned abroad back in our country, and employers who value the international experience and demonstrate with their work that Bulgaria offers great opportunities for development.