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We are going north for the next stop in our #SutherlandLocations journey! Let us take you to our operations in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Find out more about Sutherland Estonia in this short article.


Himanshu Narvekar SutherlandHimanshu Narvekar, Country Head

Currently, we serve one of the leading social media from our site in Estonia. We provide content moderation services, where our team of content moderators needs to review user-generated content and act if the content goes against the content policies.

We started operations as part of a takeover from an airline company. As a component of our deal with them, we acquired the location, people, and operations. In November 2014, we acquired the site and converted it into a Sutherland one. All employees that we took over were re-badged to being Sutherland employees. Until 2020 we served that airline from Estonia. We had a team of 130 people who provided customer service and sales in Europe, the UK, the US, and Scandinavia. In August 2020 we added our second client in the geo – one of the leading social media networks. Unfortunately, we had to exit the airline business due to the pandemic in 2021, so we currently have 1 client on-site.

Debate drives transparency and excellence I would say is the Sutherland winning behaviors that best epitomize our location. Ever since we started operations in Estonia, we have tried to build a safe environment where our team members can come out and voice their opinions on things that we do onsite, and which impact them. We encourage our team to take part in constructive and meaningful discussions so that we can make our site a great place to work.


Lauri Kalev SutherlandLauri Kalev, Talent Acquisition Manager

The local talent pool is very diverse. Having an educational rate of 99, Estonia has one of the highest levels of literacy in the world. While most people speak English and Russian, Finnish; German and Swedish are also spoken at a fair amount. Regarding our positions at Sutherland in Estonia, quite a large part of the team members are talented foreigners who have relocated for numerous different reasons and goals. As we have coverage for many different languages, the work environment is very multicultural, bringing a lot of knowledge from different countries and ways of life. Our people are very communicative, and supportive and have become true professionals due to our skilled trainers and impressive self-interest in the field.

Our biggest advantage on the market is right here – the people! The multicultural background, high education rate, and hard-working mentality all describe our team members. Supported by top-tier specialists, trainers, managers, and support team, you can’t go wrong. Workwise, a huge plus is the work from home model which has proved to be a very successful solution over the past couple of years. Alongside a fair work-life balance and wellness time, many of our benefits are targeted toward health for both – body and mind.


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Sutherland Locations Estonia