Sutherland sponsored the annual Fasching event organized by the First German Language School in Sofia


Fasching 2017 SutherlandOn March 27th  Sutherland sponsored the annual ball Fasching 2017 ‘Kids of 90’s’ organized by the First German Language School ‘Prof. Konstantin Galabov‘ in Sofia. This event brings together the students from 8th to 12th grade every year and it is organized by students from 11th grade. The event was held at the Marinela Hotel in Sofia and the theme was “Kids of the 90s”. The Fashing German festival, which celebrates the beginning of spring, had a special mission. This year the money raised from ticket sales will be donated to a charity. The supported cause is for children with mobility problems and with the raised funds and thanks to the help of ’Kam varha’ organization the kids will be able to climb a mountain.

The students also got familiar with the main business activities of Sutherland, while the company supersized them with a raffle with many music prizes including Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speaker and VIP tickets for a concert.