Terms for External Referrals

Refer a Friend Policy for non-Sutherland employees

  1. Overview

Sutherland recognizes the value of referrals as a source of candidates for vacant positions. This policy describes the process and incentive scheme of people who wish to refer a friend for an advertised position.

  1. Purpose

This policy provides guidance to Sutherland Refer a Friend regulations. It explains how people can refer friends and acquaintances for open positions at Sutherland and how they can get a recommendation bonus for the referral.

  1. Policy

3.1. Refer a Friend-Eligibility Requirements:

  • Referrer must submit referrals through the Sutherland Refer a Friend form for Sutherland to validate referrals and reward fulfilments.
  • Each friend can be referred only once. The Referrer will only receive one recommendation bonus regardless of the number of positions referred friend was referred for.
  • If one friend has been in process with Sutherland through another channel during the last six months, the friend could not be considered as a referral.
  • If one friend is an existing or ex-employee of Sutherland, the friend could not be considered as a referral.
  • If two or more people refer the same applicant, the Referral Form received first will qualify for the bonus payout.
  • You cannot refer yourself under this scheme. If you wish to apply for a vacancy, please follow the application process (https://www.sutherlandglobal.bg/job-opportunities/).

3.2. Refer a Friend – Bonus Payment Policy:

  • Refer a Friend Bonus applies to referrals with a German, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, or Swedish language with a minimum level of B2.
  • The campaign is valid if the referral is hired until the end of August 2021.
  • Only successfully hired referrals are eligible for Refer a Friend Bonus. A successful hire is considered a referral who stays with the company for a period of 6 months.
  • The Refer a Friend bonuses are valid for positions located in Bulgaria.
  • The bonus is paid after the successful completion of the probation period of the recommended person.
  • To be eligible for payment for your successfully hired referral you need to sign a civil contract with Sutherland and provide all the legally required documents.
  • Refer a Friend bonus is equal to the amount of 2000 BGN, for the Campaign.
  • The announced bonus is in gross amounts.
  1. Policy Compliance
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make, and you will be awarded a referral bonus for each valid, successful referral.
  • Sutherland is not required to fulfill rewards when the above Refer a Friend form and requirements are not followed.
  • Sutherland will conduct interviews with only those referred candidates who meet our required needs and will extend employment offers only to those candidates who, in our opinion, are the most qualified, regardless of how the candidate came to our attention. Please consider the requirements of specific vacancies and the suitability of potential candidates prior to submission.
  • Refer a Friend participants must operate in good faith.
  • When a hiring wave is complete, all additionally referred candidates will be put on file and considered for future hiring.
  1. Definitions and Terms

The successful Referral includes a file of the CV/Resume/Profile with valid contact details (phone number and/or email) of the referred person. The referred person should be aware of his/her application for the particular position and interested in it.