Sutherland Tech Academy Success Stories. Meet Stela.


Meet Stela, a tech guru in the making with proactive learning mindset and Sutherland Tech Academy graduate. She is now working as a Storage Support Engineer at one of our enterprise projects. It is a great first step for starting in this field as it grasps all the basic knowledge one might need for a future technical job.“ shares Stela about her experience at the Tech Academy.

  1. Tell us what your position is and a few interesting facts about you.

    Stela Boneva

My name is Stela Boneva and recently, about two weeks ago, after graduating the Sutherland Tech Academy I joined Sutherland’s enterprise project, supporting a hybrid cloud data services and data management company, as a Storage Technical Support Engineer. I am still at training and so far, the project seems very exciting.

  1.  Why did you decide to apply for the Sutherland Technical Academy?

I wanted to advance my abilities and knowledge. Tech Academy helped me grow as an individual and as a professional, by giving me access to all the know-how in the office.

  1. Tell us about the topics you covered during those 5 weeks. What technologies did you study?

The tech academy offers unique perspective to the academic world that is grounded in the understanding of information technology and computer science. From the theory we covered Hardware, OS (Windows & Linux), Networks, System Administration, Server Management, Storage Technologies, Cloud and Virtualization.

There was a lot of practice as well. We did a lot of hands-on exercises. In Windows Server 2012, we used hypervisors (Virtual box & Hyper-V) to create several virtual machines with various OS (Windows 10, CentOS, RHEL). We made exercises such as creating a domain, troubleshoot network issues, and shared files between Windows Machines. On Linux environment we used command lines to install Google Chrome web browser and even a web server with PHP & SQL Database to run WordPress CMS.

  1. What is the most important thing that you learned at the Academy?

I believe learning how to segregate was the most important thing because finding and using only the needed information is a key to success for every professional in this industry, and the tech academy taught me this skill.

  1. What was the biggest challenge that you faced?

Sometimes I was surrounded by people with more experience than me and I felt like I need to catch up with them. Some of the information was completely new to me and it was challenging to assimilate. But the reward of understanding it was significant. It was massive amount of new knowledge for short time, but I was happy and relieved that our trainer not only adapted the program to match our level, but also managed to show and teach us some practical knowledge.

  1. What was the teaching methodology that your trainer used?

The methodology by itself was very focused on the practical examples. We had a talented trainer with great learning model backed up with solid course curriculum.

  1. What was the atmosphere?

The atmosphere was more than amazing. It was a friendly and pleasant environment corresponding to the nature of the project I joined.

  1. How do you feel now as part of the Enterprise team of Sutherland?

During my time as a student at the academy I not only strengthened my understanding and knowledge in information technology, but now I also realized the importance, complexity and high level of the Enterprise tech world within Sutherland.

  1. Why would you recommend the Sutherland Tech Academy to your friends and colleagues?

It is a great opportunity to gain skills, which would help you in your new career. It is a great first step for starting in this field as it grasps all the basic knowledge one might need for a future technical job.

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