Celebrating Excellence: 15 Years Sutherland Sofia and 7 years Sutherland Varna


In a joyous atmosphere filled with gratitude and camaraderie, Sutherland’s Sofia office celebrated a remarkable milestone – 15 years of excellence. Alongside this, the Varna office marked seven years of dedicated service. The occasion was commemorated with vibrant parties at both offices, creating a memorable experience for everyone involved.

The celebration was a testament to the incredible journey that Sutherland’s Sofia and Varna offices have undertaken. Team members gathered to mark this momentous occasion. 

The highlight of the events was the recognition of the hard work and dedication of the employees. Prizes, gifts, and treats were distributed as tokens of appreciation for the outstanding contributions made by all team members. 

The atmosphere was not only celebratory but also reflective, as employees raised their glasses in a toast to the years gone by and the promising future ahead. The celebration was not just about the longevity of the offices but also a tribute to the innovative spirit and teamwork that have defined Sutherland in Sofia and Varna.