Customer Success Management Internship | Meet the Intern Krasimir


CSM Internship Sutherland Krasimir Dankov

The Customer Success Management internship is one of the many initiatives through which we are supporting the students from the University of National and World Economy in their early career orientation. As part of the program, they get to shadow Enterprise Customer Success Managers dealing with their day-to-day duties with customers and get exposure to transactions and interesting high-value work.

Check out what Krasimir has to share about the Customer Success Management program at Sutherland.

  1. How did you find out about the CSM Internship? 

Krasimir: Representatives of Sutherland together with our faculty have organized a meeting to introduce to all 3rd and 4th year International Economic Relation students the opportunity to join this internship.

  1. What caught your attention and why did you decide to apply?  

Krasimir: The thing that was important for me and this internship could have provided that for me was to work in a big international company that is working with clients all over the world. After I heard about Sutherland, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the company.

  1. What were your expectations for the internship? 

Krasimir: In the beginning, I didn’t have too many expectations before the initial explanation of the internship of what were the schedule and the responsibilities that every intern would have to have for this position, but in the end, all those expectations for the internship were met and other expectations like working in a group of talented and motivated people and mentors with years of hand on experience in an international company.

  1. Share 3 things you’ve found most valuable in the CSM Internship program.

Krasimir: One thing that was valuable for me was that behind every job title sits a person with emotions and feelings, just like me, and no one should feel uncomfortable as we are all people, and we could make mistakes.

Another thing that was interesting to learn was that as a CSM you are not a decision-maker but rather a decision-seeker. As a CSM you are supposed to look for the right person that could take that decision and do it in a way that will be beneficial for both the client and the business for retaining that customer and making all the best that could be done from that situation.

The third thing that was valuable for me was the cultural differences that could happen between a customer and a CSM and how to know where there will be a potential problem in the future in regards to how each party understands a particular topic.

  1. How would you apply what you’ve learned from the internship program in real life?

Krasimir: Up to this point, all the above-mentioned things could be applied to every part of your life. In an organization sometimes you are not the decision maker, but you know who can be and it is important to know how to approach them.

  1. What is one thing you liked the most in the internship? 

Krasimir: The fact that the mentors are very flexible with each of the intern’s university programs, as for them it is the number one priority for every student.

  1. Would you recommend this internship to other students? 

Krasimir: Yes, I would recommend the internship as it gives valuable insights into many aspects of personal and professional life.

  1. How do you imagine your career after graduation? What would you look for in an employer? 

Krasimir: After I finish my bachelor’s degree and master’s degree I will probably then apply again for a position in an international company. My employer should be respectful of the personal lives of their employees and could make the work-life balance more possible.

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