Sutherland Bulgaria Takes Action: A Beach Cleanup Success Story!


Last week, the incredible team members of Sutherland Bulgaria joined forces with their families and friends for a remarkable beach cleanup initiative. We’re thrilled to share the amazing results of our efforts at the beautiful Rosenets Beach near Burgas and the picturesque Asparuhovo Beach in Varna.

Together, we rolled up our sleeves, armed ourselves with determination, and made a significant impact on these pristine coastal locations. Our dedicated team members, along with their kids and friends, passionately cleaned up the beaches, collecting and properly disposing of litter and debris that had found its way onto our shores.

Sutherland Bulgaria Varna Clean the Beach Sutherland Bulgaria Varna Clean the Beach Sutherland Bulgaria Burgas Clean the Beach
Sutherland Bulgaria Clean the Beach Sutherland Bulgaria Clean the Beach Burgas Sutherland Bulgaria Burgas Clean the Beach

Thanks to the unwavering commitment and hard work of our Sutherland Bulgaria team, we left behind cleaner, safer, and more beautiful beaches for everyone to enjoy.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to each team member, their families, and friends who took part in this initiative as well as to our partners from Utopia Forest Hotel and Volleyball Club Energy. Your dedication and enthusiasm made a significant difference in protecting our environment and preserving the natural beauty of these coastal treasures.

We firmly believe that small actions can create a big impact. Our beach cleanup initiative showcased the power of teamwork, community engagement, and environmental consciousness. We are proud to be part of a team that cares deeply about making a positive difference in the world around us.