We touch upon absolutely every field of information technology


We are chatting today with Dinko Valkanov to shed some light on one of the most technical positions here at Sutherland – that of an Enterprise Technical Support Engineer. Dinko has been part of the company for more than 3 years. Starting as a front-line tech engineer with Portuguese, he currently is a Technical Lead responsible for a team of Engineers. Find out more about our Enterprise project and why the position of an Enterprise Technical Support Engineer is a good fit for people with IT background.

Sutherland: Hi Dinko, tell us briefly about the project you are part of.

Dinko: Our project is an enterprise level technical support. The team I am a part of is quite technical. We are working on enterprise level with the lead backup software. The product itself is extremely complex and difficult, because of the wide area of technologies it involves, alongside with the constant evolution of the product itself that is mandatory to remain the lead one worldwide.

S: What technologies do you work with every day?

D: We can say “all kinds” – we touch upon absolutely every field of information technology – hardware, firmware, operating system, storage, and cloud storage solutions. The product we support is related to backup, which allows us to work with different types of databases, virtualization, storage. During the analysis of the case, we often come into contact with communications and networks, and the work itself is performed on various operating systems, most often Microsoft Server or RedHat.

S: Tell us why a career as an Enterprise Technical Support Engineer is a great fit for people with IT background.

D: Career as such is great, because you get to work at first hand with highest level and newest on the market technologies. You face issues and get to work on cases that are extremely complicated and develop constantly your knowledge, experience and troubleshooting skills. Adding to this the enterprise customers we are facing high demanding professionals, which have some expectations from us. Although that at first sounds scary (which is completely normal for each new starter), for a person interested in the IT, that would like an opportunity to develop himself/herself, would be a great chance to be done so. After all, as mentioned in my previous answer, we work with everything. All areas are important and no matter in which area you are good at, or interested, you could learn at first hand and grow.

So, are you up for the challenge? Join Dinko’s team by applying for our open positions here.